2/4 Pack 3L Hanging Strawberry Planter Aerial Gardening Grow Bag

This plastic planter bag is breathable and is good for plants
to grow.

The bag is designed with a handle and is foldable, letting you
can easily carry or store it.

It is made out of strong and tough plastic. The bag is
abrasion-resistant, and not easy to break or crack.

You can put it on a wall or mount it on a ceiling, fit for
balconies, greenhouses, porch, etc.

It is suitable for planting flowers, herbs, strawberries, etc.,
suitable for home use.



Color: Green, Orange, Yellow

Material: PE

Size: 37 x 32 cm

Capacity: 3L

Function: Grow Bag


Package Inclusion:

2/4 x Grow Bag