3-in-1 Magnetic Fast Charging USB Cable

【Multi-purpose】-Not only for charging, but also for data transfer!
【LED Light】-When plugging it in and charging your device, the indicator light will give out blue light, which is very suitable for looking for device at night. It is also easy to connect with one hand while driving or doing other things.
【3 in 1 Design】-The Android magnet head or type-C magnetic head or IOS magnet head can be replaced to charge your mobile phone. It is very convenient to use. The magnetic heads have good resistance to heat and corrosion, even after a long time, they keep their original appearance-still.
【Innovative Design】-Reversible magnetic adsorption design, dust plug type charging connector, avoid from dust and lint. The user simply inserts the tiny, dust-resistant connector into the USB port and the cable will then attach to it magnetically.
【Fast Charging】-It needs to be matched with a special charging head for fast charging. And the mobile phone should also have the function of fast charging.


  • Material: TPE+Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: black / red
  • Length: 1m
  • Compatibility: Android / IOS / type-c
  • Maximum output: Android: 9V/2A
  • IOS: 5V/2.1A
  • Type-C: 4.5V/5A
  • Package size:57*33.5*32.5cm
  • Package weight:12kg/300pcs
  • size:17*8*4cm
  • Weight:70g

Pack list:
-1* USB cable
-1* type-c head
-1* IOS head
-1* Android head


1.For IOS users, please note that the charging head is single-sided charging, please put the side with the arrow up.

Original price was: $23,41.Current price is: $17,39.