A3 Children’s Light Drawing Board Fluorescent Writing Board

Embrace your child’s creative possibilities with this Fluorescent
Writing Board. This board features a special light accumulation coating
designed to satisfy children’s imagination and creativity, developing their
writing, counting and drawing skills and revealing their creative potential.

This drawing board features a light pen and 2 templates
that your child can use as a guide. These drawing tools are made out of environment
friendly materials, perfectly safe for children to use.

To use the drawing tool, from the “nib” to the
“surface” contact, the line will appear, and the brightness and
sharpness depend on the distance and tilt angle between the marker and the

Lines disappear with the passage of time, usually
disappearing completely within 30-40 minutes. furniture and wallpaper in your
home will not be decorated because of these patterns and handwriting.


Product Specification:

Color: Green

Material: PVC, PP

Size: A3- 420 x 300 x 5mm

Weight: 350g

Function: Drawing Board


Package Inclusion:

1x Drawing Board

1x Drawing Pen

1x Letter Stencil

1x Cartoon Template

Original price was: $56,31.Current price is: $46,25.

In stock

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