Creative Pet Guardian Astronaut Lamp Galaxy Night Light

You can see cute bears, kittens, and puppies all wearing
spacesuits and becoming interesting astronauts. The lights in the hands of
different animal astronauts emit different colors. It will make your children
fall in love with it at a glance and will stimulate their imagination and
improve their thinking skills.

It can emit beautiful light at night, very soft, not dazzling;
can be placed in the bedroom, living room, as decorations, and night lights. It
is also the perfect companion for your children who are having trouble sleeping
in the dark.

To use the lamp, you just need to pull out the transparent
paste at the bottom of our animal night light, and then flip the switch, you can
emit light, and children can also quickly operate it by themselves.


Product Specification:

Variant: Bear, Cat, Dog

Material: ABS

Size: 8.5 * 13.5cm

Weight: 435g

Functions: Night Light

Battery Information: 3 * LR1130 Button Battery

Applicable age: 8+


Package Inclusion:

1 * Astronaut Night Light

Original price was: $46,91.Current price is: $36,57.