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City Rescue Car Adventure!

This Race Tracks Adventure toy simulates the City Rescue scenario to help improve kid’s hand-eye coordination.
It’s designed with vibrant colors that will draw children’s attention with first sight and train kid’s color recognition.
Most importantly, the adventure track toy is combined with knowledge of gravity, leverage and inertia.
It requires NO battery power source, totally hand operative.

8 Challenges & 6 Operative Devices!

This Simulant City Rescue toy has totally 8 challenges and 6 operative devices.
All the events can effectively encourage kids of age 3 4 5 6 7 to think and solve problems independently.
Buttons to jack up cars, knobs to transit and pull up cars, handles to lay down bridge and lift up cars by the crane.
Devices contain interesting knowledge of physics like leverage, gravity and inertia.
Fine fingers motion skills will be well trained with those devices.

Teamwork Partnership & Friendship!

We design this Car Adventure toy for 1/2/3 kids to play together. Each one controls different parts.
Sense of teamwork spirit and partnership can be well-built with the help of this adventure tracks toy.
More fun will come when more friends invited to play. Enrich parent and friendship.

Safety & Quality

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to toys for boys and girls.
Made of solid quality ABS plastic, this race track toy set is a safe toy for 3 year old boys girls.
Non-toxic, coddles, round edge and smooth finishing.

Original price was: $131,22.Current price is: $91,65.

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