Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Jumping Stick with Sound

The Foam Jumper can accommodate children of all sizes and supports up to 250 pounds, meaning it’s
just as enjoyable for parents who want hopping fun of their own.

Organize a funny family game competition or children’s enjoyable activities with this jumper Sticks toys
set, chasing each other in the squeak can not only exercise, but also maintain
promotes warm atmosphere whilst being destined too funny.

This Kids foam jumper stick help train hand eye coordination and gross motor skills for Kids. Give your kids a funny
and healthy childhood with toddler toys foam jumper crafted to improve hand
brain reaction.

With comfortable handles and a soft, cushiony base, your child can safely use our Pogo Jumper indoors
and outdoors. It won’t even leave scuff marks on surfaces like hardwood floors.

This Foam pogo Jumper has an adorable squeaker included in the base so your little one can be a
symphony of sound as they bounce around the world.

This Kid Jumper Toy crafted from Excellent Elasticity Rope, Crip Soft Foam Handle and Resilience Foam Base. And
the heavy-duty components will withstand 250lbs and will not damage the ground.


Product Specification:

Color: Red,
Green, Purple, Pink, Rose red, Blue

Weight: 670g

Material: NBR, TPE

Size: 40 x 22 x 10

Function: Kids
Foam Pogo Jumper Toy



1 x Kids Foam Jumper Toy