Foldable Sunglasses Organizer Case with 5 Slots Travel Glasses Box

A Great way for multiple glasses carrying. Innovative folding sunglasses case
with 5 slots to provides maximum storage capacity with minimal space. You can
store your sunglasses and prescription glasses in one place without having to
carry multiple different cases. When rolled up, it forms 5 compact, separate,
airtight storage compotes that provide the safest protection for each pair of
glasses, it will be a surprise and essential travel accessory.

With a hand strap, you can hang your glasses anywhere, wardrobe, door or shelf, so
you can pick and choose what you want at a glance. It makes wearing glasses so
convenient. In addition to rolling, it up and putting it in suitcases, handbag
and backpack, the lightweight weight of 10 ounce and the stylish design makes
it fashionable to carry around.

Expansion size is 18.5″(L)*6.5″ (W), roll-up size is 6.5″(L)*4.7″
(H)*3.1″(W), and stable triangular structure provides enough space for
most eyeglasses, reading glasses, computer eye glasses, kids sunglasses, even
oversize sunglasses storing, is perfect for the whole family.

Hard PU Lather outer layer and flocking inner layer, sturdy, resist extrusion and
prevent lens friction damage. Copper snap buckle fasten securely and easily. It
is a stylish accessory to keep your glasses safe and within reach wherever you

Versatile storage box for sunglasses, eyeglasses, watches and other small items. This
carrying case keeps everything within easy reach and protected. Never lose your
collections again in our multipurpose case. 


Color: Black, Yellow, Brown

Weight: 400g

Material: PU
Leather + Flannel

Size: 12 x 16.5 x

Function: Foldable
Multi Slots Sunglasses Organizer Box



1 x Sunglasses Organizer Box