Football Training Belt Solo Training Equipment for Football Kick Throw Practice

evolution football kick trainer is very suitable for single training, such as
football, volleyball and rugby.

multi-aspect training, shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control,
throw-ins, all of these training program only needs the solo kick trainer.

can be adjusted according to the size of the ball, suitable for balls of different
sizes. It can help with developing skills like ball control, passing, touch and

and loop adjustable belt design, which can be suitable for adults and children
Waist circumference.

is made of high‑quality neoprene and has a complete stitching, which is both
beautiful and durable.

rotary lock can be rotated and disassembled, and the waist belt and the ball
belt can be used separately, which is more convenient to use.

training equipment is easy to carry and easy to operate, and children can complete
the installation and training by themselves.


Product Specification:

Color: Black + Yellow

Style: Hexagonal Grid

Weight: 170g

Material: Neoprene

Belt Total Length: Approx. 93.5cm

Elastic Band Total Length: Approx. 195cm

Function: Football Training Belt

Package Inclusion:

1 x Waist Belt

1 x Hook and Loop

1 x Ball Belt

Original price was: $32,24.Current price is: $23,03.

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