Gator Kids Jeep Farmer Truck 6×6 for 2 Kids 12volt with RC

This powerful 1.5 persons Farmer Gator children jeep has 2×12 volt batteries, four drives and six wheels. Suitable for children aged 3 years (due to using small parts). Now equipped with a leather seat, photo 7. This product will be shipped in two boxes due to weight and size restrictions. Therefor there will be two times shipping cost calculated.
Persons:1,5 persons (max. 2 children up to 4 years old, or 1 child up to 6 years old), 2 persons
Number of engines:4 engines, 4x 35 watt
Remote control:Yes
2.4GRC,soft start:Yes
Voltage:2x 12volt 7ah
Leather seat:Yes
Maximum speed:Approximately up to 3 and 6 km/u
Sound / music:Yes
Mp3 connection:Yes
USB connection:Yes
Maximum loadable weight:35kg
Country of origin:China
Shipment:2x regular shipping

Original price was: $729,72.Current price is: $608,09.

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