Heavy Duty Grill Brush & Scraper with Carrying Bag

This heavy-duty grill brush set combines a storage bag, a long non-slip handle, and two grills
Brush heads, for spare use, even one of them comes with a scraper. This
versatile grill brush is the exclusive version of all grill brushes.

It is made of
high-quality stainless steel and is sturdy and resistant to bending during
tough scraping tasks. Unlike the coiled metal pads on some other brushes, the
steel bristles of our BBQ cleaning kit stay intact and upright with no signs of
breakage or shedding.

The 3-in-1
bristle brush head can rotate 360 ​​degrees, making the grill brush flexible
enough to fit between grills to clean the top and sides. The grill scraper and
2 round grill slots make it easy to cut stubborn residues on the grill without
leaving any scratches.

The handle of the
grill cleaning brush has an amazing grip, making it easy to clean even the most
stubborn messes. The handle design ensures that our gas grill brushes reach all
parts of the grill, preventing your hands from getting burned.


Color: Silver

Material: Steel

Size: 7 x 44 cm

Weight: 600g

Function: Grill
Scrubbing Kit


1 x Brush

1 x Brush Head

1 x Bag

Original price was: $51,42.Current price is: $42,21.

In stock

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