HUD Car Display Overs-speed Warning Projecting Data System- USB Powered

Display for safe drivingThe driving data can be displayed on the windshield clearly by brighter reflection to avoid drivers’ unsafe driving because of watching the   instrument. Drivers can see the driving information instantly while keeping the best driving state.

Alarm functionWith alarm functions, informs you when there are unsafe driving occasions including low voltage, over speed driving, and over temp, ensures your driving safety.

Multiple display features Multiple major car information displays, including driving speed, engine RPM, water temp, and so on. with alarm functions, alarm you when there are unsafe driving occasions, endure your driving safety.

Widely compatible The head-up display works for most cars with standard OBD2 produced after 2007. Check your car label, if there there is OBD2 certified, you can use the head-up display.

Easy installationConnect the HUD to the OBD interface, and put the HUD in the dashboard, then hide the cable, refer to the blue dotted line, finally stick a reflective film on the windshield, then the device can work well for you.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS, PC

Size: 90*54*12 mm

Weight: 280g

Display Size: 3.5 inch screen

Rated Power: 12V


Package Inclusion:

1 * HUD System

1 * User Manual


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