Interactive and Fun Collapsible Nest Pet Kitten Felt Tunnels


Cats like to run into tunnels, play hide-and-seek, and chase,
you can make funny cats, put a small toy in the tunnel, let the kittens go in
like a hamster, and let the cat play.

You can use two felt cloths to form a straight cat tunnel,
or you can use four pieces to form a combination cat toy, a free DIY tunnel, to
provide more fun for your kittens.

This cat channel is made of thick wool felt material, is wear-resistant, firm, and not easily deformed, and can also reduce the sound when
the cat is playing.

Every felt piece is an independent unit, which is
exquisitely cut and equipped with a firm button. The design allows random
combinations and infinite extensions.

The cat tunnel folds down in seconds for easy travel and
storage. The thick wool felt is not easy to deform, so the cat can
reduce the sound while playing in the middle.



Color: Brown, Navy

Material: Felt

Size: 60 x 35 cm

Weight: 155g

Function: Pet Toy


Package Inclusion:

1 x Felt Pet Toy