Multi-function Single Hand Under Cabinet Jar Opener Essential Kitchen Gadget

A quick and easy solution to an age-old problem! This jar gripper only requires
one hand to twist off the tightest lid, whether it is factory locked, vacuum
sealed, child proof, or just stuck.

It can open a small plastic water bottle or a giant tub of spaghetti sauce. The
jar opener can grab any lid size or type in its narrow to wide V-shaped mouth.

This under cabinet jar opener hides out of sight under a kitchen cabinet, cupboard,
counter, or shelf. Allows for easy access without getting in your way.

Made with durable materials. This one-handed gadget uses strong metal teeth to
clutch any size lid for a firm grip. Requires less strength while providing
more security.

The surface of the jar key comes pre-attached with a peel-and-stick adhesive as
well as 3 screws. Ideal for children, elderly, amputees, those with carpal
tunnel, and handicapped individuals.

Under the Cabinet Jar Opener is made for action in the kitchen. Don’t waste any more precious moments
trying to open jars—open that lid in a snap and start cooking!



Color: White

Weight: 200g

Material: Plastic

Size: 18 x 1.9 x
18 cm

Function: Under
Cabinet Jar Opener


Package Inclusion:

1 x Jar Opener

1 x Tapered Sticker

3 x Screws



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