Fidget pop it game chessboard 2 players

The latest for you who are restless or for your children who need to unwind a bit with fidget toys. Pop it it is a so-called sensory fidget to relieve stress or restlessness. Tap the  bubbles  and see what happens!

Washable. Rinse them with  soap  water and reusable – both smart, fun and flexible!

Pop It Fidget Toy is a fun fidget toy that keeps your hands busy when you have ants in your body. Choose from lots of lovely colors and shapes. A Fidget Toy is suitable for both small and medium-sized children, but also adults. Fidget Toys is for everyone!

Pop it Fidget Toys are made of a silicone material, contain no toxic materials / chemicals and are completely tasteless.

  • Exclusive Pop It – Our large Pop It game board is 12 x 10 x 3 cm; 160 Gram. Our Pop It game comes in all the colors of the rainbow, which gives a fun splash to every pop!
  • Relieves stress  – Our Pop It game creates a satisfying pop sound that calms your ears, while the soft silicone structure in each plop has a sensory effect on your fingertips. Helps relax your body and soul and eliminates stress and anxiety!
  • Perfect gift  – Of course you should have the latest in the Pop It world, give the game to your child or grandchild and let the game begin.

How to play:

  • A team or person rolls the dice first. About them e.g. shows the numbers 3 and 3 and the team pushes down 6 plops (the total amount of the dice).
  • Then the next team or person rolls the dice and the team pushes down the plops as above.
  • The team that pushes down the last plop loses the round and must press one of the three big middle plops (at the center of the game). The one who first wins three matches is the winner.

Product Shape  Unicorn, Dinosaur, Among Us, Square

Not for children under 4 years!