Outdoor Decorative Retro Leaf-Shadow Solar Powered Lantern

TREE SHADOW DECORATIVE HANGING LAMP-  When the light is projected in the darkness, it produces a delicate leaf reflection after lighting up, giving you an unexpected visual effect; instant eye-catching, very suitable for decoration in your yard and outdoor garden.

ENERGY-SAVING & LONG-LIGHTING – This lantern is equipped with polycrystalline silicon solar modules and a nickel-metal hydride battery; which is recommended to be placed in a sunny location where it will automatically absorb solar energy and can be fully charged in 6 hours, the working time is approx 6 – 8 hours.

SUBTLE & SOFT LIGHT – The solar leaf-shadow lamp is made of iron (brown finish) and plastic, it is a decorative light so the light is subtle and soft; the surface of the lantern is deliberately designed as an ancient effect; the ambient glow fills the area with calmness and beauty.

AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS SETTING – The leaf-shaped lantern has a sensitive sensor that can detect the brightness of its environment and adjust the brightness of the lantern accordingly; when the night comes, the solar Lantern will automatically light up, bringing light to your garden

CORROSION RESISTANT & ECO-FRIENDLY – The solar leaf-shadow lamp is made of high-quality iron and plastic, which is durable, eco-friendly, and reliable; no power cord required, no electricity cost, no conventional energy consumption, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and can work outdoors during rainy days.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: Iron, Plastic

Size: 12 * 12 * 20 cm

Weight: 320g

Functions: Garden Lamp

Usage Time:8 hours

Charging Time: 6 hours

Power supply: built-in solar panel: polysilicon 2v 80ma

Battery capacity  600mah

Power source: 0.6 (W)

Voltage: 1.2 (V)

Protection level: IP65


Package Inclusion:

1 * Solar Leaf Shadow Lantern

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