Portable Electric Heating Pad Lower Back Pain Relief Warming Waist Belt – USB Plugged In

Portable Cramp electric Heating Pad focuses on relieving women’s dysmenorrhea. The
latest upgraded comfortable Lycra fabric, ultra-thin, non-toxic, skin-friendly,
soft in line with human body structure. Graphene heating technology can quickly
provide heat to your body, improve blood circulation and relax muscles. It is
suitable for warming the palace, stomach, abdomen and waist protection.

Intelligent temperature control & rechargeable heating pad. 3 different adjustment
temperature, respectively 113 ℉,
131℉ and 149 ℉. Long press the switch button of the product to turn
on, and short press the switch button to switch between different gear modes.
It can be used even without downloading the APP or connecting to Bluetooth.

Cramps relief heating pad provides portable mobile power supply, which is suitable for
mobile phones, laptops, USB adapters, etc. Or you can use your own other power
bank. If there is no electricity during use, you can change to another mobile
power bank to continue using it. Generally, it can last for 2-5 hours when
fully charged.

Cordless heating pad adopts a hollow design to ensure that the skin is dry and
breathable. It’s light and can be folded and carried around. It can be
seamlessly attached to your body curve when using it, and the heating is more
even and convenient. The adjustable waistband is attached by Velcro, which is
suitable for people of different body types. Menstrual cramp heating pad
supports disassembly-free washing, no need to worry about hygiene issues!


Electric menstrual heating pad is a perfect gift for female, which can help all girl or
women get rid of pain in the uterus or waist and abdomen. We recommend that
female must have this magical present! You can give it to yourself, your
friends, your elders. we will present a beautiful gift box! Note: For your
safety, please do not use it directly on the skin, please use it across the



Color: Pink

Weight: 240g

Material: Lycra

Size: 100 x 11.5 cm

45-65 Degree Celsius

Power Supply: USB
Plugged In

Working Time: 2-5

Function: Portable
Electric Heating Pad

Note: 2 Wormwood
Bags Are Not Included



1 x Portable Electric Heating Pad

1 x Extension Cord


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