Push Bubble Fidget Sensory Arithmetic Concentration Toy

Prevent your brain from deteriorating and keep your children occupied with this Fidget Sensory Arithmetic Concentration
Toy. This toy helps in stimulating the brain, preventing it from degenerating
due to aging, and helps kids with special needs to focus and ease their stress
and anxiety.

Share and play with this toy together with your friends. This Arithmetic Concentration Toy can be used and played by multiple
persons. To play with this toy, players should take turns in pressing down the bubbles that are connected with one another. The player who presses the last mice will be declared the loser for the round

This toy is made with Silica Gel materials that are guaranteed lightweight and non-toxic. Perfectly safe for children to use. This toy has a portable design, which enables you to bring it anywhere you are.


Product Specification:

Shape: Square, Round, Octagon

Color: Orange, Multi-color

Material: Silica gel

Size: Round: 126*126mm



Weight: Round: 63g, Octagon: 60g, Square: 80g

Functions: Brain Game


Package Inclusion:

3 * Sensory Concentration Toy