Remote Controlled RGB Handheld LED Video Photography Light- USB Charging

This is a handheld RGB light with remote
control. With 3000K-6000K RGB LED video light that
is dimmable with touch adjustment mode. It has 9
lighting modes, 20 brightness levels, and has
a maximum of 850 lumens. RA> 95, color temperature
ranges from 3000K (warm) to 6000K (cool). The included remote is available
from 3-5m away, you must point at the surface of the light for

There is a standard 0.2 ” nut on the bottom
of the handheld light wand, allowing the light to be mounted on a light stand,
tripod, or any other accessory.

It only weighs 0.74 pounds, is made of
high-quality aluminum alloy material, and using CNC machining technology, this
light is strong, durable, and delicate. It is ideal for videography and
photography and can be used in making short films and online video content.


Product Specification:

Voltage input: 5V/2A: 100-250V/50-60HZ

Voltage: 5V-2A

Power: 10W

Illumination: 850 LM

Color temperature: 3000K-6000K

Light color: white+yellow+RGB

Number of LEDs: 114PCS

Color rendering index >85RA

Brightness adjustment: 0-100%

battery: 3.7V/2000mAh

Size/piece: 50*13.3*4cm

material: ABS

white/yellow/RGB lamp beads:38 lamp beads


Package Inclusion:

1 * LED Light Wand

1 * Remote Control

1 * Type-C Charging Cable

1 * Carrying Bag



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