Shopping supermarket electronic cash register game cashier toy

Your very own modern cash register with everything you need to become the playroom’s best cashier. Of course, the cash register has a calculation function, a working cash register and a microphone – so you can ask them to open a cash register more, if the queue with customers becomes too long. Once you have counted the cash, it is important to lock it properly so that the thieves can not steal the money. Play money and credit cards are included in the package.

REAL REGISTER SOUNDS & MICROPHONE – When pressing the buttons, the register will read the word of the pattern on the button, so that kids will learn about the words. It beeps when “scanning” and when credit cards are “swiped”. The microphone on the register can amplify what your baby is saying which encourage kids to practice speaking or sing a song.

·INTERACTIVE & DEVELOPMENTAL TOYS – Kids can play this toy with friend or parents, which improve their communication ability and keeps them away from being alone with electronics. Moreover, with real calculator in the toy and well-design components, children learn basic math, money skills & hand-eye coordination.

A COMPLETE ROLE PLAY SET – It includes a cash register, scanner, a draw, a mini shopping basket, play money cash & coins, weighing machine, play food set (vegetables, hamburger, drink, french fries, etc.), all for the satisfaction and enjoyment of the kids.

 HIGH QUALITY & SAFE MATERIAL – Made of high quality and durable material and were extensively tested to ensure that they meet the safety standards of toys. (NOTE: IT CAN NOT BE SPLITED AFTER ASSEMBLED)


Recommended from 3 years.

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