Solar Powered Wall Mounted Motion Sensor LED Light

Lighten up your patio with this Adjustable Wall Mounted
Motion Sensor Solar Light.

This light will automatically turn on when it gets dark.

When motion is detected the light will go from dim light
to a full beam light.

The light stays on the full beam for 30 seconds after the
motion has stopped.

The angle of these lights is adjustable, so can point where
you need the light to be.

No need for wires or batteries as this security light is
solar powered.

This light is water and weatherproof, so will be able to
lighten your doorway for a long time.

Choose from either a black or white shell for your light or
whether you would like a warm or cool light.


Shell Color: Black, White

Light Color: Warm, White

Material: ABS

Size: 25 x 200 x 40.55 mm

Package Inclusion:

1 x Lamp

1 x Screw Set

1 x Mount

Original price was: $36,85.Current price is: $30,55.