T- Shaped Dual Port Headset and Charger Splitter for Apple iPhone

Charge and listen to music, or continue watching your favorite video or movie with this Dual Port Headset and Charger
Splitter. This splitter has a port that can be used for your 3.5mm headphones
for calling and music listening, and another port for your fast charger, which
can be used at the same time.

The splitter is made out of PVC material and has an ultra-lightweight and portable design. It also employs a T-Shaped
design so it won’t be bulky, won’t make your wires get tangles, and won’t
interfere while you are using your phone.

No need for additional drivers, applications, or installations. This splitter can be used immediately after
plugging it into your device. It supports a plug-and-play function, making it easy
and convenient to use. This splitter supports iPhone 7 up to 11 pro models.


Product Specification:

Color: Black, Red, Gold, Silver

Material: PVC

Size: 5cm

Weight: 5g

Functions: Audio and Charger Splitter

Supports: iPhone 7 to 11 pro, iOS 11.0.3
and above


Package Inclusion:

1 * Audio and Charger Splitter