Treppy 5 in 1 Ergonomic Breathable Baby Carrier

The baby carrier can be used in three ways to meet your different needs in babywearing. Each of them is made with sufficient support, and with your added guidance will ensure the safety of your baby. The carrier can be used in strap mode (minimum 6 months), hip seat (minimum 3 months), and combination (3 months to 36 months), making it convenient to take your child with ease.

The carrier comes with a tilt angle of 35°, the baby naturally adapts to the body of the parents, which not only increases the comfort of the baby but also reduces the pressure on the parents’ stomach. Our shoulder straps are 15mm thick and 70mm wide.

The band is made of high-quality skin-friendly cotton material and is suitable for all seasons of mesh material, soft and comfortable. The overall design is lightweight and breathable, with attention to detail.

The carrier comes with large side pockets that can hold more things, so parents can use and use some common items at any time, such as their phone, cards, house, and car keys.

To keep your baby protected and comfortable, it comes with a roller blind venting window, silicone anti-slip cushion, removable hood, in addition, the stool surface is more comfortable than the general narrow stool surface and avoids the A-type O leg that was created in the early phase. The new design of the soft anti-stretch mark allows the baby to sit on the lumbar bench for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

Product Specification:

Material: EPP, Cotton

Size: 32 * 25 * 13 cm

Belt Size: 125 cm

Weight: 730g

Weight Capacity: 20kg

Age Compatibility: 0-36 months

Package Inclusion:

1 * Baby Carrier

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