USB Interface Bluetooth Star Projector Speaker and Night Lamp

These star projectors use LED lighting to display a combination of stars, aurora, emulating a northern light sky, and setting a relaxing mood fit for sleeping or creating a unique atmosphere with family or friends.

Together with the new technology, the star lights are blinking; the green stars will not stay still all the time, they will flicker and disappear, which is designed to reduce the impact of laser to eyes, and also extend the useful life of the projector. 14 colors variations provide you with more choices to fit your mood.

The Aurora light projector can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play relaxing music on your cellphone, iPad, or tablet through Bluetooth pairing. Also with the built-in white noise, these 8 soothing sounds can make you and your kids sleep better, white noise can be used as a relaxation tool for insomnia, and the white noise is a very effective sound therapy to stop a baby’s crying.

The light supports a Bluetooth connection, allowing the light projection to sync with the music beat, creating a disco effect that is perfect for the party. It has an auto-off function that allows you to set 1 or 2 hours automatically turn off to help you realize energy saving when you sleep, but the night light projector will also turn off after 4 hours without using the timer function.

(Laser is harmful to the eyes. Do not look at it directly.)


Product Specification:

Color: Black, White

Material: ABS, Electronics

Size: 17 * 12.7 * 10.9 cm

Weight: 530g

Functions: Night Lamp and BT Speaker

Single-point laser power: less than 1MW

LED light source: 1

Power consumption: 7-10W

Power input: 100-240V AC 50-60HZ USB DC5V / 2000mA

Working temperature: 4°F – 113°F (-20°C – 45°C)

Projection area: 215-861 square feet (20-80 m2)


Package Inclusion:

1 * Star Projector

1 * Remote Control

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual


Original price was: $93,72.Current price is: $63,45.

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