USB Interface Creative Sepak Takraw Decorative Moon Lamp

This table lamp has a solid wood base and a hand-woven
rattan lampshade, which is environmentally friendly, simple, and practical. It
can be used as a fully functional decorative indoor lamp.

It comes with a spherical design made out of bamboo and
rattan that is suitable for rooms, courtyards, family gatherings, coffee shops,
etc. Whether your child, wife, sister, or girlfriend, our moonlight will make
their bedroom full of energy!

The moonlight has 16 colors, and 16 colors can flicker,
fade, or strobe, comfortable and stable light, alleviating tired eyes. When the
light is on, it seems to be in the brilliant Milky Way.

Through the use of remote control, the 16 different RGBW
colors and four modes can be set, and multi-level brightness adjustment.
Whenever you want comfort, romance, quiet or gorgeous, it can give you a new
atmosphere in just a click.

The night light is powered by a USB plug. It is suitable for
any 5V adapter, mobile charger, laptop, car charger, etc.


Product Specification:

Material: Bamboo Rattan

Size: 150mm

Weight: 150g

Functions: Night Lamp

Power Source: USB Plugged-in


Package Inclusion:

1 * Night Lamp

1 * Base

1 * USB Cable

1 * Remote Control

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