USB Plugged-in Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Light

This humidifier has a simple design. The small size makes it easy to take anywhere. It works anywhere and plugs into a USB for added on-the-go convenience.

It can effectively moisturize dry skin and help you reduce
skin dryness and flaking. Also, it’s your best choice if your eyes feel dry.
The length is adjustable so it can match different containers such as a
mug, plain glass, bottle, or mineral water bottle.

Power the device on and  click the button the indicator lights will work. It automatically shuts off after 8 hours. It provides silent humidification with a DC power supply to achieve quiet and healthy humidification and will not interfere with your work and rest.

This humidifier can help improve your sleep quality
invisibly. You will hardly hear the noise when you put it on the nightstand. It
also emits soft night light, to help you sleep soundly at night.



Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 54 x 21 mm

Weight: 50g

Function: Humidifier

Power consumption: ≤1.5w

Voltage input: 5V-1A

Spray Volume:35ml/Hour

Note:the bottle not included


Package Inclusion:

1 x Humidifier

1 x USB Cable

2 x long cotton sticks

2 x short cotton sticks

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