USB Plugged-in Digital Color Changing Night Light and Alarm Clock

The half-circle of the alarm clock is designed as a soft night light. The light can be switched
to up to 7 colors, which can be selected according to your preference.

The alarm clock comes with a variety of White Noise, including the sounds of Brook, Campfire,
Wave, White Noise Raindrops, Rainforest, Wind, and Thunderstorms, which can be
played during sleep to help you sleep better.

This small alarm clock is designed with a unique shape, making it compact and lovely, the screen
of the alarm clock display is hidden after knitted fabric, you can put it on
bedside ark, won’t take up too much big space.

When the alarm goes off, if you need to take another nap for a while, you can press the button
at the bottom of the alarm clock. The alarm clock will stop and ring again 9
minutes later.

Plug it in before using it, and set the time, alarm, and color of the night light through seven
function buttons.


Product Specification:

Color: Gray

Material: ABS

Size: 130MM*77MM*125MM

Weight: 290g

Functions: Alarm Clock

Battery Information: USB Plugged-in


Package Inclusion:

1 * LED Alarm Clock

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual


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