VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for iOS and Android Devices

When you have prepared the 3D content, you only need to put
your phone in the VR headset to enjoy a fantastic and perfect experience.
Snuggle on your comfortable sofa, and immerse yourself in your virtual reality.

The VR headset has a smoother and purer high-definition
resin aspheric lens. The latest VR glasses can provide you with higher
resolution and color visual events. The 3D virtual reality headset also has
high-precision adjustment buttons. It only takes a few seconds for the VR
headset to bring you the best viewing experience.

This new adjustable VR headset is made of lightweight
materials. It can effectively reduce the pressure on the eyes, face, and head,
making you more comfortable when using the VR headset.

In order to let you have a better experience, it comes with a Bluetooth remote control. It allows you to have a better
experience when using VR headsets.

The VR glasses themselves also have convenient buttons. When
you use the VR headset, the Bluetooth remote control and convenient buttons
will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble for you.


Product Specification:

Color:  Black

Material: ABS

Size: 222 * 205 * 99mm

Weight: 600g

Functions: VR Headset

Supports: 5.5-7.2 inches screen

Remote Control Battery: 2 * AA (not included)

Lens: Aspheric lens (support shortsightedness within 600°)

Lens Diameter: 40mm

FOV: >100°

Pupillary Distance Adjustment: 60-70mm

Object Distance Adjustment: 38-48mm


Package Inclusion:

Package 1:

1 * 3D VR Glasses

1 * Cloth


Package 2:

1 * 3D VR Glasses

1 * 052 Handle

1 * Cloth


Package 3:

1 * 3D VR Glasses

1 * B01 Handle

1 * Cloth