Wooden Knowledge Classification Box Educational Toys

There are 8 large rectangular cards and 80 square small cards in the knowledge classification box. A knowledge classification box consisting of eight categories: numbers, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, means of transportation, clothing and daily necessities Babies can fully exercise their memory and learn knowledge by learning 80 pictures and contrasting Chinese and English. On the basis of cognition, babies can develop their taxonomy and integrate the learned knowledge. Babies can use patterns on large cards to put the corresponding categories in different boxes to improve cognitive and brain coordination. Cultivate observation ability and exercise hand eye coordination. Made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly, non-toxic paints material and no dangerous sharp edges toy.

In the process of playing, let the baby understand and classify easily, and learn to classify. Train your kids coordination and have fun at home. This will be the perfect gift or reward for your kids.


  • Package Size: 28,5*8,5 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Color: multi-color
  • Weight: 650 grams
  • Applicable age: 3+

Package Included

  • 1 * Knowledge Classification Box
  • 1 * box cover
  • 8 * large card
  • 80 * small card

Please bear in mind, Card containing both Chinese and English text.

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