2/4/8 Heads Automatic Watering Pump Controller with Timer

Go and travel as you please without worrying that your
plants might suffer from dehydration. The power of this machine is suitable for
60-120 days of use after being fully charged. So make sure your bucket is big
enough to hold as much water as your plants need to drink.

Setting the watering time is important; it should be
according to the size of your plant pots and the water consumption of the
plants every day. Prepare some saucers to hold the pots. We believe that after
several tests, you will know how many seconds of watering and time interval is
your best option.

If you don’t have time to take care of your plants every
day, this irrigating machine is your good choice, you can only change the water
bucket on weekends, and adjust the watering amount according to the season.

To install, a 3 meters long white tube is provided to cut
according to the position of your plant and water bucket, this machine can be
hung on a shelf. The bucket of water should be lower than the pots. Cut the
pipe only after checking the height from the bottom of the water bucket to the
input position of the machine.


Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 9 x 4.3 x 3cm

Weight: 2-300g, 4-330g, 8-360g

Function: Irrigator

Flow rate: 1200ML/min

Battery: 3.5v rechargeable lithium battery

Package Inclusion:


1 x Controller

2 x Spray Head

1 x T-shaped Head

1 x Hook

1 x Water Pipe (Spray Water)


1 x Controller

4 x drip head

1 x five-way head

1 x hook

1 x fine water pipe (black)

1 x access pipe (translucent)

1 x 1.5m (Dripping)


1 x Controller

8 x Drip head

1 x T-shaped head

2 x five-way head

1 x Hook

1 x Fine water pipe (black)

1 x Access pipe (translucent)

1 x 5 m (dripping)


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