Crawling Crab Sensory Toy with Music and LED Light-USB Rechargeable

This baby multi sensory toy has cute crab-shaped and bright colors that will
fascinate and intrigue kids easily. Children run with the crab, which is useful
for developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This clever crab can detect things in front of it through in-built sensors, and then
automatically avoid obstacles. Note: that
the sensors are on both claws, sensing and automatically dodging only on the
sides of the crab claws.

This crab crawling toy is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, lightweight ABS material
with good drop resistance, no sharp edges or small parts and 100% kid-safe.


This electric toy recharges via a USB cable (included) and works out of the box. No
battery hassles. In addition, baby crab walking toy that activates by a simple


The crawling crab with LED light effects and cheerful music, making the children
chase it happily. It is a great birthday Christmas present for toddlers’


Product Specification:


Color: Blue, Orange

Weight: 550g

Material: Plastic

Size: 8.3 x 3.9 x 5 inches

Power Supply: USB

Charging Time: 2h

Working Time:

Function: Crawling
Crab Sensory Toy


Package Inclusion:

1 x Crawling Crab

1 x USB Cable

Original price was: $51,32.Current price is: $39,01.