Outdoor Trampoline Water Sprinkler Hose with Jump Switch


This children’s trampoline sprinkler is made of non-toxic PE
and has no peculiar smell. The spray hose has no sharp parts, so the child
won’t get stuck when jumping. In addition, the thickened PVC material can
prevent water pipes from bursting due to strong ultraviolet radiation.

The 0.25mm thick hose has a leak-proof faucet interface,
which can effectively reduce water loss. The children’s trampoline sprinkler
also includes a replacement connector switch. You can control the water
pressure and keep the water flowing smoothly.

The children’s sprinkler is small and can be stored without
taking up space. Because of its lightweight, you can easily carry it around.
It is suitable for occasions such as birthday parties or large groups to
establish social relationships.

Enjoy the freshness of the backyard water park with your
kids. You just need a trampoline and install the accessories to it, and let the
kids play. At the same time, it is also suitable for outdoor cooling, lawn
irrigation, garden watering, etc. designed specifically for families and homes.


Color: Green, Yellow

Material: PE

Size: 15M

Weight: 300g

Function: Water Toy

Package Inclusion:

25 x Tie cable

1 x Hose with connector

1 x Adapter

Original price was: $36,47.Current price is: $32,05.