Polyester Fabric Hanging Rattan Egg Chair Protection Cover

Keep your outdoor hanging chair protected
when not in use with this protection cover. It is constructed from a durable
and waterproof polyester fabric, they’ll protect your furniture from dirt,
dust, rain, snow and even bird droppings. Perfect to use during summer or when
you are going out on a long vacation.

This Outdoor Furniture Cover is made out of
woven polyester material with PU coating, that is guaranteed waterproof and
easy to be cleaned. This cover is low-maintenance and is made to protect your
outdoor furniture against sunlight, dust, bird poop, and even damage that can
be brought by extreme weather conditions.

This cover has a built-in tighten rope at
the bottom, made specially to protect your furniture against strong winds. This
cover can be used for a variety of furniture, such as your hanging rattan
chair, moulded trestle tables, and more.



Color: Black, Gray

Material: Polyester

Size: 190*115cm

Weight: 450g

Functions: Outdoor Furniture Cover



1 * Egg Chair Cover

Original price was: $46,62.Current price is: $37,51.

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