Portable Water Tank Backpack and Water Gun Toy Pistol

The water toy gun and backpack are made out of durable,
non-toxic ABS plastic, free from harmful chemicals while playing. It is designed
to be safe, durable, and built for water play.

It is light and portable, with a 2L capacity. This water spray
gun is a great toy for boys and girls. This water gun is designed to be easier
for kids to grasp and play with. The large-capacity backpack-style water tank
holds up to 2L for nearly 50 shots after refilling. Enjoy your water fetching
at the pool beach or backyard.

It has adjustable shoulder straps, and can be customized,
comfortable, and is suitable for all sizes. The maximum size of the strap is 27
inches (about 68.6 cm), usually, children and adults can use the backpack.

This cute squirt gun backpack is perfect for summer water
fights and family fun, pool, beach, and outdoor activity toys. With a cool look
and bright colors, this squirt gun is perfect for summer pool parties, beach
games, and backyard events.

Product Specification:

Design: A-Rainbow Water Gun, B-Star Water Gun, C-Powder Star
Water Gun, D-Lan Star Backpack, E-Brown Bear, F-orange puppy, G-Red Fox, H-yellow

Material: ABS, PP

Size: Backpack- 45 x 27 cm, Water Gun- 13 x 22 cm

Weight: 700g

Function: Water Gun Backpack

Capacity: 2L

Package Inclusion:

1 x Backpack Tank

1 x Pistol

Original price was: $46,06.Current price is: $39,95.