15 Holes Intelligence Box for Shape Sorter Cognitive Wooden Toys

Shape  sorters are perfect toy for toddlers. The toy exposes them to various shapes and colors, improves finger dexterity, fine tunes their motor and logic skills. By dropping each shape  into its proper hole, your children learn the concept of cause and effect.

Small kids are attracted to colours that’s why we made sure that all our wooden toys will come in bright and fun colours so that it will entertain children for a long period of time.

This educational sorter toy is designed to help in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination of children. It is made of high-quality wood so that is  more durable and at the same time more solid than plastic materials. The entire product uses water-based paints to guarantee that it is safe and non-toxic even for babies. There are no sharp or pointy edges that could cause harm or injury, so it can be used with minimal adult supervision.

This product is used by allowing the child to sort the colourful items based on its shape  and finding the right hole where it can fit to get inside the wooden wagon. The goal is to transfer all 15 items from the outside to the inside of the wagon, which means each item must go through its specific hole in order to complete the game successfully.

Through this simple and fun game, the child will learn about shapes and sizes; at the same time, the motor skills are developed because it will train the child’s hands and eye to coordinate better in order the successfully fit a block inside a hole.

Babies can even play with this toy for as early as 6 months to develop a better grip on their hands. Just make sure that they are supervised to avoid choking hazards.

This is one of the earliest toys children can play with that will help them understand the concept of geometry in a fun and interesting way! Aside from that, problem-solving skills will also be practiced since the child will need to learn that is the block does not fit one hole, then maybe another hole will so kids will keep trying until they find the right one for that specific block.

This product weighs only 600 grams, making it a very handy and easy to carry around.

Product Includes 

  • 1 piece wood wagon with holes
  • 15 pieces shapes ( various colours)

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